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Pro-Life Issues and Action

October 2004

An Open Letter to The Pro-Life Community

Re: Advocating A Caring Approach For Pro-Life Action

Dear Member of the Pro-Life Community:

If you share our concern about pregnancy and children, and genuine respect for life, would you please take a moment to look at our new web site and share its ideas with your members and other concerned individuals?

It is the product of our legal and social work experience, along with research into the causes of abortion and ways society can more effectively approach the issues.

One of our conclusions is that concerned pro-lifers can best serve the cause by focusing upon personal contact and ensuring social supports, rather then the largely pointless and highly-manipulated anti-abortion wars in the courts and legislatures (e.g., Roe v. Wade).

"Single-issue" groups have seriously undermined the pro-life movement by supporting unworthy politicians and promoting hostility, division, and scorn.

We also conclude that John Kerry and John Edwards present the best option for the pro-life voter because of their potential for a caring and realistic approach to issues surrounding pregnancy and abortion.

The record demonstrates George Bush's opportunistic manipulation of the abortion issue and the Bush administration's callous disregard for life while seeking to create the opposite impression through carefully calculated misleading claims asserted in the press and circulated through its "base" groups.

George Bush's disregard for life and the truth came out very clearly in the recent debate when he repeated, then contradicted, his lie that Iraq attacked the United States. The simple fact is that, in his opinion, American life and basic honesty are expendable in the pursuit of the Bush fantasies.

Four more years of the Bush rampage will be devastating to everyone genuinely concerned for life.

Feel free to add a link to our page; if you do so, please let us know so we can advise you of any changes to the address.

Thank you.

Pro-Life Issues and Action


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